For my Christmas dinner, Meghan McKee/Riggs Company Provisions made me a meal I won't soon forget!

Beef Wellington, Brussel sprouts and a potato and carrots gratin.

I was truly blown away by the quality and incredible taste of this meal. Everything down to the delicate au jus was five star.

I've eaten my way across Europe, and this meal brought me right back.

Dare I say the beef was the best I have ever had?

She sous vide d the beef and the result was beautiful. I was in heaven. The sides rose to the same level.

Amazing meal.

Noelle Aber Fanizzi Ewen

For my birthday yesterday, my husband thoughtfully went to multi-talented Meghan and her new Riggs Company Provisions, to create an amazing culinary experience in our home. The seasonal meal was perfectly balanced in taste, texture and portion. Check out the photos on her post of the tender lamb, the "too good to stop at one serving" dukkah carrots, and not pictured to round everything off, the fresh, crisp shepherd salad, the traditional tahdig rice, and the extras she threw in (Turkish bread and the freshest baklava). Meghan worked with my husband to figure out the right meal, to create a unique experience. The meal was real rustic comfort food, fulfilling and satisfying in all the ways you want it. Check out her business and get your orders in.

So, for our New Year’s Eve dinner we chose Meghan McKee’s Riggs Company Provisions Beef Wellington-a dish I had not had before. Mine stuffed with blue cheese, Meg’s with mushrooms. Those , along with all the trimmings, was simply fantastic! Last night we ordered two perfect steak salads - which were equally amazing.  Hands down best quality delivery food here folks.

Support yer local vittles shop...  Yum yum eat ‘em up!

Dale Stephen Burleyson

I would love to be able to show you pictures of how amazing the food is from Riggs...but I can’t. I’m usually too excited about the actual consumption of the food that by the time I remember the picture, I’m already half way through the meal. Do yourself a favor if you’ve been on the fence about ordering... just do it. enjoy the amazing flavors, the taste of how much care went into the planning and execution of each dish. I look forward to every Tuesday for the next food adventure!!

Steph Huang

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Riggs provided quality products and easy of purchase and pickup. The meat pie was incredible and the trout dip is exceptional. You can tell that they care about the quality of their food and strive to make it tasty. I recommend trying them out even it’s an additional app or side to a meal you might be cooking or go all out and get a full meal! They have a variety of options from you to choose from!

Magda Uw